Offering Top-Notch Wastewater Treatment Systems

Ever wondered where all the dirty water goes after a pressure washing job? Most of the time, it’s fine to let wastewater pass down the drain. However, some local municipalities and operations require wastewater from a cleaning operation to be pre-treated before its disposal or reuse. For this reason, Cleaning Systems, Inc. collaborates with Water Maze—a company focused on the nationwide distribution of modular water treatment systems.


Modular Water Treatment Systems

Water Maze water treatment systems can be combined in various ways to filter, coalesce, bioremediate, or even incinerate the solids, chemicals, and bacteria that gather in waste streams. These systems are designed upfront to manage the water flow from pressure washing operations.

Additionally, Water Maze systems are of a scale and efficiency that get the job done while meeting EPA standards. Best of all, the cost and operational expense of these water treatment equipment won’t break the bank.

Wastewater Evaporation

By subjecting wastewater to heat, you can evaporate the water, thus making it easier to skim and dispose of pollutants. We offer a variety of products, including the HBG and WB, used in many industrial applications such as wastewater evaporation.

Mechanical Filtration

Water Maze filtration systems are the standard for automated wash-water recycling. You can use these systems to filter media and remove tiny particles from the waste stream. We offer products that fulfill this purpose including the CL, CLP, and Delta systems. These can be used in heavy equipment cleaning and transportation as well as manufacturing and trucking applications.

Oil-Water Separation

Oil is skimmed from wastewater in a treat-and-discharge process or recycling system such as the Water Maze CL, CLB, CLP, Alpha, and EC. Many applications involved in the operations of marinas, manufacturers, and transportation companies require the use of oil-water separators.

Chemical Treatment

Water Maze offers advanced treatment systems that introduce chemicals into the flowing waste stream to clean the water. In pursuit of the goal of meeting your chemical treatment needs, they employed the latest technology in designing the Innovator Series with the EC and CoAg systems. These systems can help you remove suspended solids, emulsified oils, and heavy metals from the wastewater, making it safe for discharge to sewers.


Bioremediation is an environmentally friendly process that uses microbes or bacteria to consume contaminants and oils from wastewater naturally. The Water Maze CLB is perfect for golf-turf applications. It is also highly beneficial to clients in the heavy equipment cleaning, manufacturing, and transportation industries.

Purchase Wastewater Treatment Systems

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