Save on Disposal Fees Through Waste Oil Heaters

Many of the clients we serve operate facilities that generate large volumes of waste oil—typically crankcase fuel as well as hydraulic and vegetable oil. In the past, there was nothing else to do with waste oil other than having it hauled away for a fee, but now, it is treated like black gold! As opposed to selling, it has become more efficient and cost-effective to use waste oil as fuel for heaters in large buildings and work areas. Through our waste oil heaters, you no longer need to pay high oil disposal fees.

Commercial-Grade Heaters

We offer EnergyLogic waste oil heaters and boiler systems. These furnaces meet the stringent standards of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Our commercial-grade heaters are considered one of the top-performing equipment in the industry! When using our waste oil heaters, you are empowered to turn waste into energy. In turn, you can save time and money while doing what is right for the planet.

Start Reducing Your Oil Disposal Costs

Cleaning Systems, Inc. maintains social and environmental responsibility by offering waste oil heaters. In turn, we can equip you with the tools necessary to reuse resources that would have been for disposal. Contact us to learn more.