Superior Equipment Maintenance Through Parts Washers

An automatic parts washer is an effective cleaning tool that is essential for every automotive or equipment repair shop! At Cleaning Systems, Inc., we can help you purchase water-based parts washers manufactured by Cuda. These equipment use technology similar to pressure washers. In doing so, we hope to partner with you in handling equipment maintenance efficiently.

About Cuda

Cuda offers best-in-class aqueous parts washers. They are a company with an established reputation of their own. Backed by many years of experience in supplying parts washers, they have what they need to build strong relationships with various satisfied customers ranging from large industrial plants to small repair shops. Employers swear by Cuda’s products because they reduce working hours significantly and offer a safer alternative to scrubbing parts with solvents.

Industrial Parts Washers

The products we offer are often described as industrial-grade dishwashers as they are powerful yet easy to use. Technicians can load dirty parts in these cabinet-style washers, in which a tandem of powerful spray jets of hot waters and detergent remove grease, oil, dirt, and even dust with little to no effort.

In today’s highly competitive market, there are various environmental, cost, and quality concerns that drive manufacturing and service businesses to look for cleaning options other than solvent-based systems. In most cases, an aqueous parts washer is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative available for them in the market.

We encourage you to explore the capacities of the front-loading and top-loading washers we sell. For pricing on a particular automatic parts washer, do not hesitate to contact us.

Front-Loading Automatic Parts Washers

We partner with Cuda to offer manufacturers and equipment repair shops a time-saving solution for parts cleaning through front-loading parts washers. Unlike using solvent tanks, operating aqueous-based parts washers require no harsh solvents.

Washing parts through Cuda equipment is much faster than hand scrubbing. As a result, your workers can simply load the parts, turn the dial, and walk away to perform other productive tasks, while the automatic parts washer runs through its cleaning cycle.

Cuda front-loading parts washers are designed to have a recessed base, making it easier to load and unload parts. Each unit has a cabinet capacity of 30 to 60 inches in height, with a 25- to 48-inch turntable diameter. Cuba parts washers also offer easy access to a debris screen to prevent small parts from falling into the sump.

Front-loading aqueous parts washers have a roll-in door designed to take up less room than a traditional model. This feature prevents water from dripping on the floor. To review our front-loading parts washer models and features, visit our manufacturer sites by clicking on the link below.


Top-Loading Automatic Parts Washers

Cuda top-loading automatic parts washers are ideal for cleaning small engine parts and other components. Using automatic cleaning equipment saves time and effort for your technicians, thus allowing them to work on other tasks.

These washers are faster, easier-to-use, and safer than solvent-based equipment. They have a load capacity of up to 500 pounds, with a 16- or 180-inch working height and a 22- or 25-inch turntable diameter. All front-load aqueous parts washers include a small parts basket, containment ring, and automatic oil skimmer.

Learn More About Our Products

If you wish to learn more about our parts washers, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.