Biodegradable Cleaning Detergents by Hotsy

Cleaning Systems, Inc. is the authorized dealer for Hotsy. You can turn to us for recommendations on a suitable detergent for your particular application. The specialty cleaning products we offer are designed to reduce lime and hard water deposits that build-up in pipes and components.

Professionals in various industries agree that using a specialized detergent amplifies your pressure washer’s cleaning power. Keeping this in mind, Hotsy developed a deep assortment of biodegradable detergents for a variety of applications that are noncorrosive and harmless to the equipment you are cleaning. If you are looking to buy Hotsy detergents, turn to our sales team at Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Advantage of Hotsy Detergents

In most cases, using soap with your pressure washer allows for a faster, more thorough clean. Choose Hotsy detergents! They are easy to use—all you need is Hotsy’s single wand configuration to apply the chemicals.

Most of Hotsy’s soaps are specially formulated to work with pressure washers in an industrial setting. These detergents are super concentrated to blend with water in high ratios, thus they go a long way in helping you trim down your costs.

Request a Detergent Test

Businesses and professionals often use more detergent than necessary. At Cleaning Systems, Inc., we aim to help you find ways to increase your savings by fine-tuning your detergent use. We will show you the proper amount of soap to use when handling a cleaning job effectively. For the convenience of detergent users who handle larger batches, we offer a detergent delivery program with bulk tank storage.

Cleaning Systems, Inc. strives to be your go-to choice for your detergent needs. Reach out one of our team members, and we will be happy to develop a detergent test program for you.