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Pressure Washer Options and Accessories…

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Many pressure washer options are small investments that offer a big return. If your company can spend less time cleaning, you’ll reduce your employee man-hours, and often create a safer working environment. Here are a few examples of how pressure washer accessories can speed cleaning:

Surface Cleaners: Picture a lawnmower attached to a pressure washer, and you have an idea of what a surface cleaner looks like! Instead of cutting grass, you’re cutting away wide paths of grime and dirt from flat surfaces. Surface cleaners are ideal for contract cleaners who need to clean sidewalks, parking garages, driveways, shady pathways, etc. Virtually any flat surface can benefit from being cleaned by a surface cleaner. Instead of cleaning an area a few inches wide, you “push” the cleaner through an area up to 28-inches in diameter. You eliminate zebra striping, which often occurs when someone uses a pressure washer to clean back and forth on driveways.

Extension Wands: Telescoping wands are great add-ons to your pressure washer for those hard-to-reach areas. For example, cleaning two-story buildings and windows usually means climbing up and down a ladder, reaching as far as you can before having to reposition the ladder. This is not always safe! With a telescoping wand, you can stand on the ground and reach up to 24-feet away. This saves time and energy, while providing a safer working environment.

Turbo Nozzle: Using a rotary spinning action to deliver faster and deeper cleaning, a turbo nozzle turns at an astounding 4000 RPM, which increases the impact pressure by more than 10 times that of conventional nozzles! Turbo nozzles provide the deep cleaning action of a zero degree nozzle, with the wide-coverage fan of a spray nozzle. This results in much faster cleaning.

To learn more about these and other pressure washer accessories, please contact Cleaning Systems, Inc. professionals near Pittsburgh, PA or Cleveland, OH.

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